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3) Renew the colour of your suede shoes with Waproo Suede and Nubuck Dye

Waproo Suede Nubuck dye is a spirit based dye that is used to efficiently colour or in other cases recolour suede as well as nubuck leather. The soft velvet like leather generally manufactured from the hide of cow is referred to as Suede. Nubuck is also a soft leather of durable quality. The difference between the two leathers is in the way they are prepared, the suede is sanded on the flesh split while nubuck is sanded on the outer surface.

Waproo Suede and Nubuck dye is a permanent dye that is used to dye suede shoes, nubuck shoes, as well as other items made from such leather.  Waproo Suede and Nubuck dye are packaged as a 50 ml bottle (except for black also packs in 500ml bottle) and comes in 4 different colours, black, brown, dark brown and navy blue. The nubuck suede dye renews the colour of these items to make them look as good as when you just bought them.    

Items you will need:

  • Waproo Suede and Nubuck Dye
  • Waproo Suede and Nubuck Shampoo
  • Waproo Suede and Nubuck Brush

Follow the Instructions below to dye your suede and nubuck shoes:



Insert the shoe tree or stuff your shoes with newspaper to prepare for the recolouring process. This will allow the wrinkles and other crevices to open and make a level surface to clean. Good preparation of the item to be dyed is the key to a satisfying result. If shoe lace is present, remove it first to clean the underneath.

Use Waproo Suede and Nubuck brush to remove the dirt on the surface of the shoe. If there is stubborn dirt or stains, use Waproo Suede ad Nubuck shampoo to clean your shoes. Shake the container very well before spraying the shampoo lightly over the shoe then brush gently to clean with a suede brush.

Allow to dry before proceeding to dyeing your shoes. For optimum results, place your shoes in a well ventilated area, then, allow to dry for the next 24 hours minimum.

Commence dyeing once you notice that the shoe is free from moisture. Using the applicator brush , apply dye evenly on your suede or nubuck shoes. Give a second coat after 20 minutes of applying the first coat.

Once you are satisfied with the colour result, allow the dye on your shoes to dry completely in a properly ventilated area which could take 24 hours. Once dry use the brush to raise the nap on the leather.




Then seal and protect your newly dyed suede and nubuck shoes with Waproo Water and Stain Protector or Waproo Waterproofer.

Apply a water proofing product to protect your new suede and nubuck shoes before wearing them to protect from fast wear and tear. It is recommended to waterproof after every clean.

Additional Tips:

Read carefully the information provided for all product before using them.

Use Waproo Suede and Nubuck brush to lift the pile on your shoes.
Never buff your Suede and Nubuck shoes or garment.

Remove all dirt on suede and nubuck shoes before dying as these can cause changes in the end colour results you achieved.

Use of Suede and Nubuck dye on a regular basis is not encouraged as this product is not designed to be used repeatedly on the same leather item.

As for most applications, test the dye first in an inconspicuous area before the actual application.