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Ladies Handbag Repair


leather bag repair zip

Ladies Handbags

Where would a lady be without her favorite handbag? We do leather bag repair or bag repair zip or replace bag zipper.

We can fix most problems when it comes to ladies handbags, from replacing or repairing. Bag repair cost depends on the extent of repair required.

Zips (see below), Handles, Straps Shortening, Put extra holes, Clasps, Eyelets or Stitching



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Handbag Repair

Strap broken

Ladies Handbag

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Bag repairs



Ladies Handbag Repair

Repairs of ladies handbags such as locks, shortening of straps, putting extra holes, zippers, handle repair, custom stitching and many more repairs can be done by us.

In most cases we need to see the repair required in order to assess the required repair and the parts needed to be replaced.

To give you an idea on repair costs.

Zips Replacement = $4.90 per inch

Zip Runners (Sliders, the tab you pull your zip up) = $38.00

Pick up only in Brisbane

Contact us for more information.


Brisbane: Minimum Shoe Repair Order $50.00- We Pick up and Deliver at a place convenient to you.

Areas Outside Brisbane : Minimum Order of $195.00 for shoe repairs is required for free return postage of your Shoes. Just send us your Shoes in a Standard 3kg Australia Post Satchel. For Motorcross Boots return postage is required.

It's very easy, we will confirm your shoe repair order via email or telephone. Your shoes will be repaired by our most trusted tradespersons and then returned to you nicely polished and in as new condition. You can pay for your repairs online or bank deposit.

Post to : My Shoe Repair Specialist, 14 Seashell Drive, Deception Bay. Queensland. 4508. Tel 0416 273 442

Australia Wide Product Delivery: For Free Postage Minimum Product Order $89.01

Payment of Shoe Repair, Shoe Polish, Shoe Paint and Waterproofing products including Insoles is through PAYPAL - You do not need to be a member. Payment through credit card is accepted.

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