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1) "How to revitalize your old favorite shoes to look like new"

You spend a lot of money on your favorite shoes and look at it as an investment. Shoes are presumed to define your stature and your status; hence it becomes inevitable for each of us to ensure we make a right investment. You ensure that you get from the shoes the maximum use you can.

Every type of shoes requires a different level of care, however every shoe has few common problems: they get stained, wrinkled and creases develop over a period of time.

Simple tips can allow your investment stay longer and maintain your status and stature unblemished.


1. To give your shoes the proper care, invest a little more in having a right shoe tree. Insert the shoe tree after removing the shoe from your feet while they are still warm.

2. Clean your shoes a moistened soft cloth to remove the dirt especially in the grooves and cracks using a rag or soft cloth.

3. Polish the shoe with suitable shoe polish ( close to the colour of your shoes). Apply the shoe polish using a rag or soft cloth in circular motion. Then brush your shoes with a suitable brush until it shines.

4. Keep the shoe tree inserted particularly your knee high leather boots until they are back on your feet. This will definitely save your shoes from early extinction.


It takes a little care to ensure your favorite shoe stays new and trendy for a longer time.

If you find doing all these can be a little time consuming or you feel you need some expert to take care of your favorite shoes, then you can contact My Shoe Repair Specialist and we will be glad to restore your favorite shoes to look like new. It will be a meager investment, however worth than reinvesting a huge sum every time on shoes.