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Dainite Soles and Heels


Dainite soles


dainite soles and heels

Dainite Soles Black


Dainite Sole Repair

Dainite Soles are soles that are specifically used on most mens shoes made in UK. They are manufactured in high quality non marking rubber materials. They are reinforced with Silica and aluminium silicate which do not leave marks on floors.

If you need to replace your dainite soles and heels on your shoes we can do them for you.

We have dainite Soles in stock sizes 10.11.12 13 in Brown and Black

We have Dainite heels in stock in Brown and Black of sizes 3/8", 3 1/2", 3 5/8" 3 7/8"

Full Soles and HeelsPrice:$175.00 per pair 

Heels Price : $51.00



Brisbane: Minimum Shoe Repair Order $50.00- We Pick up and Deliver at a place convenient to you.

Areas Outside Brisbane : Minimum Order of $195.00 for shoe repairs is required for free return postage of your Shoes. Just send us your Shoes in a Standard 3kg Australia Post Satchel. For Motorcross Boots return postage is required.

It's very easy, we will confirm your shoe repair order via email or telephone. Your shoes will be repaired by our most trusted tradespersons and then returned to you nicely polished and in as new condition. You can pay for your repairs online or bank deposit.

Post to : My Shoe Repair Specialist, 14 Seashell Drive, Deception Bay. Queensland. 4508. Tel 0416 273 442

SprayAerosol and Items Classed as Dangerous Goods Products can be delivered to you no problem using a special courier. Please provide your telephone number and permission to "Leave at Door" in case you are not there to receive the items. No PO Box allowed. A surcharge for these items is applied.

Payment of Shoe Repair, Shoe Polish, Shoe Paint and Waterproofing products including Insoles is through PAYPAL - You do not need to be a member. Payment through credit card is accepted. My Shoe Repair Specialist Contact Us Form