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Motorbike Boots Repair

Please Supply your own soles and we shall fit them for you
Some of the Brands we Repair
  • SIDI

Sole supplied by us

Sidi Motorcross


+ New Toe Caps


Sidi Vortice


Sidi Vertigo


  • Gaerne

Gaerne Motorcross


+ New Toe Caps



Gaerne GRS / GRW


  • Alpinestars

Alpinestars Tech 7




Alpinestars Tech 8


+ New Toe Caps




Alpinestars Tech 10


+ New Toe Caps


Alpinestars Supertech


  • TCX

TCX Motorcross


  • FOX

FOX Motorcross

  • Rossi Boots

Soles Supplied By Customer
Fitting of Motorcross $90.00
Fitting of existing Toe Caps $15.00

If you want the sole of one boot replaced we can do that for you.


We guarantee our work, you shall have no trouble with the soles staying on.



Post to :

My Shoe Repair Specialist,

14 Seashell Drive,

Deception Bay.

Queensland. 4508.

Tel 0416 273 442


Please Include all your contact details including your Email address.


Once the repair is completed, we can either call you for payment or send you a paypal payment request, whichever option you prefer.

Turn around time is within 5 working days upon receipt of the boots.



Motorcycle Boots Resole

Gaerne SIDI Alpinestars TCX Rossi


motorbikeboots before Motorbikeboots
TCX soles replacement
Motorbike TCX sole
X-Desert Gore -Tex boots repair  Replacement Soles Vibram
TCX X-Desert Sole Replacement

TCX X- Desert Soles Repair


The Enduro soles of of TCX X-Dessert Gore- Tex boots are not available as replaceable soles. However when they are worn out and need replacing we can replace your old soles with a Vibram soles as in the photo.
Rossi boots with Vibram Clusaz
Rossi Boots repair Rossi boots with Clusaz Vibram

ROSSI Boots Soles Repair

When the midsoles of your Rossi motorbike boots start crumbling away from the outsoles, we recommend replacing them with the Vibram Clusaz soles as in the photo. The new Vibram Clusaz soles are stitched into the upper.

SDI Soles
SIDI Soles
SIDI metal toe caps
Vertigo Soles Replacement
SIDI Sole Vertigo

SIDI Motorbike Boots Repair

SIDI SolesVertigo

SIDI Sole Vortice Sidi Vertigo Sidi Crossfire soles

SIDI SolesVortice


SIDI Motorbike Soles

Tech 10 alpinestars
Alpinestars Tech7 soles
Alpinestars soles
Supertech Alpinestars

Alpinestars Soles

Alpinestars Supertech Soles


Gaerne GRS/GRW Soles






Motorcycle Zipper Replacement

zip repair repalcement


Replacement of zippers can be done in motocyle jackets and boots.

Most zippers on motorcyle jackets can be replaced or repaired. If the zipper is broken, then we will need to replace the zipper.

If it is only the zipper slider, then we will replace only the slider as long as we have the slider that suits the zipper.In most cases, the zipper is exclusive to the manufacturer.

Replacement of zippers can be done in motocyle jackets and boots.

Chances are we can replace your old zipper with a good quality brand new custom zipper and runner (slider).

Sometimes we need to reuse your runner in order to match the rest of your item.




SIDI Soles Replacement Gaerne Soles Replacement SIDI Vortice Sole Inserts SIDI Vertigo SIDI Vortice TCX X Desert Replace Soles

Rossi Boots repair