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shoe repair Motorcross Sole Replacement Motorcycle Sole Repair R M Williams, ASOLO Repair Scarpa Repair Zipper Repair

We specialise in Shoe Repairs, Motorcross, Motorcycle SIDI and Gaerne Sole Replacement, RM Williams,

Hiking Boots such as Meindie Asolo Scarpa, Horse Riding Boots Shoe and Bag Repairs and Zipper Repair

For Product Telephone Orders Call (7:30 to 3:30 Mon - Fri) (07) 3204 2491

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RM Williams R M Williams Shoe and Bag Zipper Repairs Hiking Boot Repair and Motorcross Motorcycle Sole Replacement Horse Riding Boot Zipper Repair Hand Bag Zipper Repair

Services We Provide:

  • Ladies and Men's Dress Shoe Repair for all kinds of footwear such as RM Williams, Christian Louboutin, Bally, Nine West, Florsheim ,etc

  • Hiking boot repair sole replacement for  Scarpa, Meindl, Asolo, and many more

  • Horse Riding Boots Sole and Zipper Repair

  • Motorcyle Sole Repair and Motorcross Sole Repair for Sidi, Gaerne and many more
  • Motorbike Jacket repair Zip replacement on boots and shoe repairs, Leather Repairs

  • Just anything you need we can most likely do for you does not need to be shoe repairs or bag repair

  • We stock Shoe paints, polishes, waterproofing products with Brands that include Angelus, Collonil and Waproo

We receive repairs from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, in fact all over Australia.We have also received RM repairs from USA and Hongkong

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Shoe Repairs RM Williams R M Williams Motorcross Sole Repairs Replacement ASOLO Repairs Scarpa Repairs Hiking Boot Repairs Horse Riding Boot Repairs Zipper Repairs
Shoe Care Products


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Christian Loubotin Sole Repair

Red thin topy or vibram sole protector to provide durability and longer life to your shoes

Crepe Sole Repair

Sole made of crepe rubber materials providing comfort when you are on your feet all the time

Greek Style Sandals

Custom made sandals ideal for people who have bunions or certain foot discomforts

Horse Riding Boot Repair

Zip Replacement, Sole Repair, Heel Repair

Ladies Handbag Repair

Zip replacement, strap handle repair, custom stitching, lining repair, lock replacement and many more

Ladies Shoe Repairs

Heel Repair, Shoe Recolouring, Sole Repair, Zip Repair, Recover Heels and more

Mens Shoe Repair

Heel Repair, Sole Repair, Heel Lining Repair, Insole replacement and many more

Mountaineering Boots Repair

We can replaced your worn soles with durable full moulded vibram soles

Other Payments

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R M Williams Boots Repair

Can do all kinds of repairs: Heel & Sole Repair, Replacement of Elastic & Insole

Suitcase Repair

Repairs to most suitcases, breifcases including handles, zips and custom stitching

Zipper Repair

Repair and replacement of zippers including runners (sliders)



Shoe Polish and Shoe Paint

Shoe Polish, Shoe Paints and Shoe Cream from Waproo

Colour Chart

Colour Chart of Waproo Shoe Polish and Paints

Shoe Strippers and Cleaners

Prepare your items for painting by using a stripper. Remove Scuffs and Marks

Shoe Deoderant and Perfume

Deaoderants and Perfumed Shoe Care Products

Shoe Insoles and Heel Grips

Gel Insoles, Heel Grips, Foam Insoles, Heel and Sole Cushions, and many more

Suede and Nubuck

Suede and Nubuck Care Products

Horse Care Products

Hoof Grease, Hoof Care, Pest Control, Crib Treatment, Saddle and Leather Care


Waterproof Saddles, Canvass, Shoes, Boots, Waterproof Sprays and Pump Action


Waterproofing products, car care, shoe care, motorbike leather care from Collonil


Shoo Goo


Shoe wax polish and acrylic leather paints

Leather Dye and Leather Oils

Dyes and Oils for Leather

Leather Conditioner

Products to condition, soften and moisturise leather

Non Slip Sole and Heels

Non Slip Products and Services



Brisbane Suburbs

Suburbs we pick up and deliver

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We can repair most items, including RM Williams, Motorcycle Boots, Hiking Boots, Dress Shoes, etc. We can stitch very thick and stitch very long materials, basically if it needs fixing we may have the machine or ability to do the job.

We have a huge variety of shoes, leather and foot care products . Our stock range includes leading shoe care brands -Waproo (Australian owned), Collonil (Germany) and Angelus (USA). If we dont have an item listed just let us know and we shall try and get it for you.

Payment is through PAYPAL - You do not need to be a member. Payment through credit card is accepted.

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